4-Xtra Synthetic Data Generator

Produces unlimited fully artificial data sets which inherit the statistical features of the original input dataset.


Based on a user-uploaded tabular (time-series) dataset (either through our user interface or an API call), the 4-Xtra Synthetic Data Generator is able to generate completely synthetic data that effectively preserves the statistical properties of the original dataset ensuring that data privacy and utility of the synthetic data are maximized.

Furthermore, leveraging the 4-Xtra EV engine within the SDG, the generator can efficiently, on-demand generate extreme samples of the data that go far beyond what was observed in the original dataset. This empowers users to efficiently manage risk by simulating and exploring extreme samples of data that would usually require years to collect.

Applicability of our synthetic data generator to financial services is vast and can be used in a variety of cases, for example where:

Data is required for testing purposes but is scarce or lacking
Data privacy is required
Regulatory constraints exist on the utilisation of data (location, anonymity requirements) The risk characteristics of an investment portfolio, trading strategy, require testing without criticism of over-fitting models to historical data
Scenario analysis can be performed – data sets can be constructed to test trading models performance against extreme events
Insurance pricing models can be optimised